Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sorry..Pinterest sucked me in...AGAIN!

Pinterest. I never thought I would be hooked. HOLY MOLY I was wrong! This website is like crack. So, I signed up for it and just tinkered around. Then I saw how easy it was to make the boards and pin the images. There are some crafty, talented people out there. I made a couple of boards, you know, crafty, yummy, nail polish (obsessed with sparkles now), Christmas stuff, things for the home (whenever I get a house and get to craft it up) and so on and so on. I'm going to share some of the top crafty stuff that I want to make soon....if you aren't on pinterest, don't do will suck you in :)

I will be making this wreath!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Knee Deep in the Water Somewhere....

Sorry guys...I guess I have been on a high since Mexico! So on that note, Mexico was awesome! We had the best time there. We did something every down time (and even watched the World Series while we were there). The weather was beautiful the whole time and I was so sad to leave, but I was happy to come home to see my family.  Part of E's family was there, so it was nice to spend a lot of time with them. E's mom speaks Spanish very well, so we were able to go into downtown Cancun and feel somewhat comfortable walking around. We went into a grocery store and stocked up on food, they have one of the most amazing bakeries, it was so good. The water was this beautiful blue color. I took so many pictures, I just didn't want to forget it. We went to Isla Mujeres and stayed all day (got to see a turtle farm...highlight of the trip), rode in golf carts around the island, tried conch (it wasn't too bad), watched beautiful sunrises and sunsets, checked out the resorts, shopped for gifts, went to Tullum, ate amazing food, and even tried snorkeling (which that didn't work too well). 

 I got sick the last couple of days we were there, and on our last full day, I was running a didn't stop me going to see the ruins :)  Oh and I had a tag along the whole time I was there....Cletus! More about Cletus later :) Enjoy the pictures!!