Monday, May 28, 2012

We Have Progress!

It has finally happened! We have broken ground on building!! 
The permit is going up!

The first dig!

We have a hole!

Part of the foundation was delivered....the pretty bricks came later

Pouring the concrete!

We are super excited to finally get started!

Hoping for more progress soon!
Thanks for checking in!

Tow truck in the back...yea, the cement truck got stuck!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Will It Ever Happen??

I'm starting to think this house building isn't going to happen!

I got my approval at the end of March, just a day after I submitted the paperwork and appraisal. I've been given the go ahead. I have the plans, the builder and almost all of the permits....wait, ALMOST all of the permits??

I'm waiting on one permit to build. I found out that the reason we haven't broken ground was because the house plans I have do not meet NC Building Codes. Are you freaking kidding me!!! So I have had to get permission from the designer of the plans to make the slight (and I mean SLIGHT) modifications to the house.

After waiting what seemed forever, I finally got the permission needed, and I forward it to my builder. And I am still waiting.  I kind of feel like I should have just bought a house and dealt with that rather than building one. Everyone said it would be hasn't been fun at all. It gets to the point I start to get excited and then squashed.

Excited moment #1 - went to Lowe's for a sidewalk sale. It was amazing. So many faucets and shower things. Bought about $400 worth of faucets and what not for the house (bought all I needed). I went home and checked the retail on all the items I got and it came out to a total of $1200....holy crap what a steal! Low moment....I picked up two faucets that I LOVED and went to buy them, they rang up as under investigation and I couldn't buy them. Come to find out, the items they were selling came from a recovery warehouse...basically the two faucets I was in love with, someone stole them and tried to return them for a profit. Awesome.

I'm just ready to have this over with and have a freaking house. I have been waiting with this process for over a year now.