Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mexico Teaser

Here is a tease from my recent trip...

I haven't had a chance to show my family the pictures yet or tell them about my trip. Once I do that, I will update you guys and tell you all about it :)

Plus, when I flew home, I ended up getting sick, I have a cold, sinus infection and an ear infection. Welcome home Annie, welcome home!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lack of....

Posting....sorry...I have been preoccupied with things going on. What things you might ask?  I am going on a little trip. I'm going to MEXICO!!!
<--Thank you clip art search

So, I've been trying to get all the loose ends figured out before me and E go. We've got our pup sitter lined up (Casa de Crews...thanks Suz) and our driver to the airport (Big Frank!!) and our shuttle for when we are in Mexico. We are so excited to go and when I get back...I will post like a crazy lady up here and tell you all about the trip (plus I will be able to finish the 30 pics project)!!!! 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

I thought this might be easier to group these pictures together. Plus I might change these up a bit and post what I want to post :)

Day 5 A Picture of Your Morning

Closer to pay days (b/c a state worker is broke all the time) I will splurge on my favorite breakfast...Asiago Parm Bagel with Jalapeno Cream Cheese....and a Hot Chocolate (great combo, I know).

Day 6  A Picture That Inspires You

This picture inspires me to be more creative. I always see things and think "I can do that!"  So, this is inspiring me to get more creative and my art again!

Day 7 A Picture That Makes You Cry

I'm changing this to A Picture About Your Past, because I loved this place. This was my old church growing up. We got too big to be here, so we built a new church...but this was my favorite place. It was such a small church...I loved it!

Day 8  A Picture of Yourself

I think this is one of the better pictures of me :)   I took the time to put on my make can tell I am at work and it's first thing in the morning....look how tired I look :)

Day 9  What I had for Lunch

OK....I forgot to take a picture of what I ate so instead I am changing this to the Person Who Makes Me Laugh

This guy makes me dad is so funny. Sometimes he can be a grumpadilly....we call him Ebenezer when he is like that. But lots of other times, he cracks me up! Love Big D!

More days coming soon :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary.....

This morning, 4 years ago, I started working at my current job. It was my first grown up job...kinda. Since I was 16 I have worked with the same corporation. It was the ideal job! Working with kids all day, planning activities, going on field trips, making lots of was perfect. And I mean perfect. I would have probably stayed with that corporation for life, but that wasn't in the cards. I was finishing up my last summer with the non-profit and I had to make a choice, apply for a state job that would pay me more and continue to give me benefits or stick with the non-profit, in hopes they would hire me full full time. Well, I applied, had an interview and wouldn't you know it...I got the job with the state.

So today in celebration of my 4 year anniversary, i treated myself to a Asiago Parmesan Bagel with Jalapeno Cream Cheese with a hot chocolate....go me!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 2, 3 and 4

It has been some crazy days recently, so I haven't been able to post everyday. Here are 3 days in one post...

Day 2
I changed this to what I ate today...because I had the best lunch. I went to The Pit with my co workers and it was amazing! I hate that I didn't get to eat there when Ed Mitchell was there, but oh my was so good!!! I ordered an appetizer to share...Mini PBLT (pimento cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato on homemade biscuits) and my entree was Chopped NC BBQ with mac and cheese, sweet potato fries and it comes it a biscuit and hush puppies. The best BBQ I have ever had in my whole life! Go ahead...drool :)

Day 3... What Did I Do Today
Saturday is family day at the Davis I woke up early, met up with my parents and drove over to Selma for Railroad Days Festival. We haven't been since my sister and I were younger, so we met Marie and Gene and Davis (who gave me a running hug when he saw me...melt my heart!!!). We watched the parade and that was about it, well, we walked around a little bit. I have to say I wasn't too impressed. But it was great time with my family!

Day 4
Where You Went

Today (Sunday) I went to Charlotte to go visit my fiance's family friend Joyce (such a sweet sweet lady) and no trip to Charlotte is complete without going to IKEA!!! I love love love Ikea. I seriously could spend way too much money there. I have decided though when I do get a house, I will probably outfit the whole house in IKEA. Me and E took Bear (longest road trip for Bear...but he did so well) and spent the day. It was a great day and it was nice and cool too!