Tuesday, August 16, 2011

and it starts....again

OK, so this is the first post on the new blog. Yes, I had another blog, but I got to thinking about it, "If I just stick with a cooking blog, I will only target one audience" so, I'm going to mix it up a bit. I've decided to document the next couple of years. For those who don't know, I am getting married in April 2013. So, why not document everything I am going through....and throw in some fun stuff along the way.

I warn you now, I am random. I will probably jump around a bit....just hang on :)

So my bit of randomness......
My laptop that I have had for years burned out on me. I have probably had that laptop for 7 years. It lasted me 4 grand years working at a summer camp (it was my right hand...i swear) and 3 years after. It was a great laptop, when it needed to be. Well, it started fading out on me and I was smart enough to backup my pictures from the laptop. WELL...i forgot to back up my music files....and if you know me, you know my music library was AMAZING!!!! I had an old school ipod that went with my music files (it died...kept getting the sad ipod face) and it was a 20GB.....it was glorious. Long story short..ish....I had to replace my laptop and cry about the music files that are on the dead laptop that I could not retrieve because it was dead.  I've been building my new music library with the new songs I've wanted for some time. By the way....some of the music I have on my old library were obtained by downloading from shared sites (before it went illegally...technically).

Today totally made my day. A nice guy from work helped me out, pulled my old hard drive and and BAM.....I HAVE ALL MY OLD MUSIC BACK!!!! Oh happy day, happy day!!!

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