Friday, August 26, 2011

sweet tea on a friday....

I very rarely indulge in Bojangles' sweet tea anymore, usually just on Fridays. Well, I guess with the upcoming Hurricane (Come on Irene...I swear (well he means) At this moment, you mean everything...Eileen,'s all the same) and the sweet tea in me, my mind has ponder on some wedding ideas. I was never really a pink girl. I mean, I have some pink and I wear it, but it's not my first choice. With that being said...i have picked out a few color choices that I like....and I don't think there are any pink. (courtesy of

OK, they are a little hard to see....but here are the pallets: Coral, Tangelo and Teal; Turquoise, Royal Blue and Electric Green; Royal Blue and Marigold; Onyx, Pewter and Cloud.
Yea, the common factor in all is Blue...I will have some type of blue Incorporated in the wedding. If I had to rate them, it would go something like this:
1. Turquoise, Royal Blue and Electric Green
2. Royal Blue and Marigold
2. Coral, Tangelo and Tea
3. Onyx, Pewter and Cloud (think this one is a little more formal than what I am thinking)

And I found this SUPER SUPER cute idea for a bouquet (not going to do it, but maybe some thing in the decor)
Courtesy of
They are old pins! So cute.....looks like I might be heading to the flea market!!!!

I'm making cupcakes this weekend, so be post coming up next!!!

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