Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Season

It's the holiday season and there has been so much going on. I had cookie making at mom and dad's and a birthday to get ready for (not mine..E's) and tracked out to go see lights. It's been busy and I have a feeling it will stay busy until the New Year!
Let's start with E's birthday. Birthday's have always been a big deal with my family growing up. For my sister it was more of a birthday month. We always celebrated as long as we could. It was a race to see who could wish who a Happy Birthday first (I usually won). But with E's family, I've noticed it is a little lackluster. Don't get me wrong, I love E's family...couldn't have asked for a better group of people. They aren't as festive when birthday's come into play. E was a little down that day. I tried everything I could to cheer him up, he would just react as "just another birthday."
I knew it would be a day like that, so I bought him the best present EVER!! And I mean EVER!!!!

 So the first picture is him opening his present (he wanted to open it early so it wasn't framed or anything). His reaction the whole time was "No you didn't! No you didn't!" Oh yes I did!! The second picture is his gift, an 11x14 picture of Josh Hamilton from the Texas Rangers (and a hometown boy). E loves Hamilton. We watched every Rangers game and even watched the World Series in Mexico. Dedication right there. It is now framed and hanging where E can see him everyday (I've already caught him twice staring at it).

Next on the list of busy times, we went to go see the Meadow Lights. Meadow Lights is this little farm area that has Christmas lights. You can ride a train to see the lights, ride a carousel and visit the store (that has old time candy by the pound, yea, we stocked up). The lights were great and it just got me in the season. Before we went, I got my Palm Christmas Tree out and decorated it and made the apartment fill Christmasy. 

Christmas lights...a fisherman catching fish....only in the South

My Christmas Palm :)

A pig....a pig in Christmas lights

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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