Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games

I'm not a big reader at all. It use to be the one thing I hated in school. I never read the assignments, just skimmed. As I got older and got to pick the books I wanted to read, it became a little more enjoyable. With this being said, I started reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I didn't find these books until the released the trailer for the movie. I knew that before I saw the movie, I wanted to read the book to know what the heck it was about.

I finished the first book in a few days (between work and overtime and all these other factors) but I couldn't put it down. I was such a great read. Everything about it was nothing I had read before. I ended up buying the second book and read that in two days. I couldn't put that one down either! I told myself I was going to wait a while before buying the third. I didn't have to wait too long, I just borrowed the third from my Aunt. The whole series was great! The third book gives you closure. But all in all, it was a great series! Now, on to my Friday night...

I have never gone to the movies on an opening night. I don't like big crowds. Sometimes I would wait until the movie came to DVD and rent it. It's cheaper to rent it then to spend $20 on 2 tickets. After playing wiffle ball at my pal Suzie's house this past Sunday, we decided to do a double date to the movies. She would bring her husband and I would bring E. They seemed on board even though they had no idea what the movie was even about.  So we bought our tickets online (thankful that we did that because a lot of the showings had sold out) and waited until Friday. We met up at Dickie's BBQ (I had some amazing Spicy Cheddar Sausage...holy moly) and of course went to Target to stock up on some movie treats.

We ended up going to the 10:35pm showing of the movie since we figured there would be less teenagers there. Well, we were wrong. They had us lined outside the numbered theater waiting to get in and all you saw were these preteen girls with their hair braided and face painted with the guys they liked from the movie. All I could hope for was now squealing once we got in there. On a side note...reading the book makes me wonder if these kids actually understood the whole meaning of the book.

I'm not going to give anything spoiler here...but the movie was great. I was wondering how they were going to show some of the gore...but it was well played. I enjoyed the book way more, but usually the books are always better than the movies. So now I can say that I have been to a sold out movie on opening night. :)  

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