Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary.....

This morning, 4 years ago, I started working at my current job. It was my first grown up job...kinda. Since I was 16 I have worked with the same corporation. It was the ideal job! Working with kids all day, planning activities, going on field trips, making lots of was perfect. And I mean perfect. I would have probably stayed with that corporation for life, but that wasn't in the cards. I was finishing up my last summer with the non-profit and I had to make a choice, apply for a state job that would pay me more and continue to give me benefits or stick with the non-profit, in hopes they would hire me full full time. Well, I applied, had an interview and wouldn't you know it...I got the job with the state.

So today in celebration of my 4 year anniversary, i treated myself to a Asiago Parmesan Bagel with Jalapeno Cream Cheese with a hot chocolate....go me!!

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