Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Meet Bear. Bear is a year old mix who was a rescue. He was in a litter of 5 (maybe) and found in a box at the end of my aunt's driveway. I have a huge heart and a way soft spot for all animals (i had 2 pet crayfish for almost 3 years and a pet turtle for at least 5), so I felt it was up to me to find these cute puppies homes. All 5 lived in my bathtub until they were adopted (they all have great homes) and when this guy was an itty bitty, he looked just like a bear. I feel in love....but there was no way I could keep him (i have Biskit who is at mom and dads). I'm now faced with a decision...to keep him or not. Well, i did what i knew i needed to do, I gave him away.....to E. That's right, Bear's human is E.  So Bear is my first "shared" pet. I've never had one before. I've always had just mine....Lady (my first black lab) and Biskit (my current white lab).
Shared pet....totally new concept for me. I think i'm taking it well. I had to take off work today to take Bear to see Dr. Paul (my wonderful vet) to have a looksy at his foot. He's had this bump on it for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it flared up to be this massive looking gross thing. E freaked! He just "knew" something was wrong. Well, there was something wrong, but not to the extreme. Dr. Paul saw it and said, "Let me guess..." and then went on to say everything I would have told him. Genius! I believe what he told me, the tumor is histiocytoma (i blank out on big words). Basically, the tumor will go away on it's own.

As i sit writing this, Bear is curled up beside me with his "bunny" sleeping away...enjoying the love from his humans!

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